Silent Cellar Wine Refrigerators

Silent Cellar Wine Refrigerators

Are Silent Cellar Wine Refrigerators Really The Quietest Wine Cooling Units Or Not?

There are two ways through which you can maintain the temperature and the humidity levels of your wine cellar. The first way is the conventional way, whereby you have to pay special attention to the location of the cellar where you will store your wine bottles. These are known as the passive variants of wine rooms.  However, the advancement in technology has resulted in much more convenient options for you to cool the cellar where you store your wines. This is the option of using wine cellar coolers, which can be found in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes and forms.

The biggest problem that any wine collector faces with their wine cooling system is the fact that there is always a little humming or purring sound in the cellar. It is extremely difficult to have a silent wine refrigeration system, and using architectural sound suppressing techniques can be quite expensive. The solution in this case is to use wine cellar coolers that are silent. Silent cellar wine refrigerators are units that can be placed away from the cellar. The result is that you will have a silent wine storage room.

You need to look for cooling systems which are duct based and can be installed away from the cellar. Ducted installation can provide you with multiple options when you are considering where to place any wine cooling units that you may decide to purchase.

Ideally, good quality ducted wine cooling units should have a ducting margin of around 25 feet from the cellar. This would allow you to have them installed in remote locations of your house and prevent that constant hum and purr from disturbing you while you are with your cherished wine collection.

Here are Three Models of Silent Cellar Wine Refrigerators To Consider:

Silent Cellar CS52


Capacity: 36 – 54 Bottles
The CS52 is perfect for the beginning wine collector, or for the established collector who wants to store his most valuable bottles inside an enclosed environment that’s climate controlled.


23 1/2″(w) x 26 1/2″ (d) x 33″(h)

Silent Cellar CS160


Capacity: 112 – 170 Bottles

Many refrigerated wine cellars being sold are not suited for long term wine storage because of the heat and vibration they create. Silent Cellars are extremely durable because of their quiet, vibration-free design.


23 1/2″(w) x 29 1/2″ (d) x 56 1/2″(h)

Silent Cellar CS200


Capacity: 136 – 206 bottles
Ideal for storing of your best wines, aging them in perfect conditions. Makes an elegant bottle display in your wine shop, cafe, or restaurant.

23 1/2″(w) x 29 1/2″ (d) x 69″(h)

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