WhisperKool 1600

Whisperkool 1600 Review

WhisperKool 1600 ReviewThe Whisperkool 1600 is an economical cooling system for wine cellars.  It is also a budget design to help even the novice keep their wine at the proper temperature.  Unlike some other types of wine cooling units, this unit has been designed to be a wall installation, with the unit hanging partially outside and through the wall.  It is a standard size unit designed to fit between wall studs, and eliminate any need for additional support.

The Whisperkool 1600 ensures condensation is evaporated to eliminate any moisture from collecting or pooling in the cellar.  There is a liquid thermostat inside the device to ensure the unit maintains an accurate temperature for wine storage.

Features of the Whisperkool 1600 include 1,600 BTU power, a maximum room size of 300 cubic feet, and dimensions of 15.75x 14.25x 17 inches. The room size of 300 cubic feet means the cooling unit cannot work sufficiently for a room that is larger. In other words, if you have a larger room for your wine storage you would need at least two units, or one unit per each 300 cubic feet. If you have a larger area you can choose from other more powerful wine cooling units such as the WhisperKool 3000, WhisperKool 4000 series, WhisperKool 6000 or WhisperKool 8000 series.

Its size is perfect for in wall installation, though you may want to have it placed above your head since the unit sticks out from the wall a bit.

There is one disadvantage to the Whisperkool 1600.  It is a bit loud, though this is typical with other models of similar size.  You would not want to spend a lot of time listening to the unit.

The unit will work well when properly installed.  The Whisperkool 1600 should be kept at a proper level.  It is best when installing the item to have a level present to ensure you have no tilt and you can be certain that it’s plumb.  Any tilt could affect the cooling unit’s abilities such as cause water leakage or cause it to break down.

It is very possible to find the Whisperkool 1600 for under $2000 depending on where you shop.

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