Whisperkool 3000

Whisperkool 3000 Review

In this review we will look at the Whisperkool 3000 to determine if it is a unit worth buying. Before you buy any type of wine cellar cooling unit it is best to know what products are available and what other people think about them. Whisperkool manufactures economical cooling units to limit the condensation created and any moisture collection in your wine cellar. The Whisperkool 3000 has a high quality and performance rating.

It will operate at temperatures 30 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It should not operate at an exhaustion of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, the outside temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the unit working properly.

The Whisperkool 3000 has dimensions of 15.75 height by 14.25 width by 17 inches deep. It can operate in a room of up to 650 cubic feet. It uses 3,000 BTU energy, and is a through the wall mount design. A through the wall mount means the rear side of the unit will be flush with your outside wall, while the rest of the cooling unit will be inside your wine cellar. The Whisperkool 3000 fits nicely between two studs making it unnecessary to tear out or modify the wall.

Like any product, the cooling unit can have certain issues, though minimal. First of all, it is important that the unit be installed correctly in order to avoid any issues with moisture and condensation. It can leak if the Whisperkool 3000 is not leveled properly.

The other downside to the system is the noise. Though the noise is not as great as some other smaller units, there is still a significant amount of noise when the unit is running. That being said, most any wine cellar cooling unit will have a certain amount of noise, so you should expect this from any model you choose.

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