Whisperkool 4200

Whisperkool 4200 Review

Manufacturers of wine cellar cooling systems typically have a wide range of products to help you keep your cellar at the proper temperature. The Whisperkool 4200 is one unit you may find of interest. To help you decide if this unit is appropriate for your cellar we will look at its features, advantages, and any disadvantage it might have.

The Whisperkool 4200 is for use in a maximum room size of 1000 cubic feet. It will work in smaller rooms, but if you have a larger room you will either need two units or a larger unit to cover the space.

A good rule of thumb is to follow the manufacture’s recommendation and only use the Whisperkool 4200 in a room of 650 to 1000 cubic feet. This is because the WhisperKool 3000 can only be used up to 650 cubic feet.

This unit has a Platinum Split, which allows for an in cellar split system. The design improves the air flow, noise, and is smaller than other split systems. There is a liquid bottle probe within the unit to help keep the temperature at an appropriate level in the room. The Whisperkool 4200 also has a humidity control saving mode with alarm capabilities to alert you when the room temperature needs to be modified.

The Whisperkool 4200 is a through the wall unit meaning the condenser is located outside the wine cellar. The rest of the unit will be located in the room to help keep the area cool. The cooling system runs quietly, unlike the smaller options from this manufacturer. It will keep your room at a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit, as long as you keep the unit on and set for this temperature.

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