Whisperkool 6000

Whisperkool 6000 Review

The Whisperkool 6000 is one of several premium wine cooling units from this manufacturer. They offer several cooling units at different sizes in order to fit in and cool your wine cellar. This unit will be best If you have a room or cellar area of up to 1500 cubic feet. It can handle room sizes from 1000 to 1500 cubic feet. To help you decide if the Whisperkool 6000 is the perfect unit it is important to note its other features, advantages and disadvantages.

The design of this unit offers high quality and performance, with a quiet noise level compared to other comparable models. It eliminates the need for a support shelf because it has a rear flange. In other words, the unit is placed in the wall, to hang a little outside and be flush with the outside wall. The flange helps keep the unit in place at an appropriate level.

The Whisperkool 6000 should be mounted level, meaning flush with the wall and not tipping at all. A level unit will eliminate any leakage or issues with temperature. You may want to have a professional contractor install the unit to ensure it is level. These wine cooling units will produce a constant 55 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

The Whisperkool 6000 should not operate in temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a condensation evaporator exhaust that fits through the wall studs to help you mount the cooling unit. Its design makes the width of the unit smaller than the height. Its looks require a higher mount if you want to keep your wine cellar aesthetic in appearance.

There are two fans on the Whisperkool 6000 mounted underneath the control module. These fans help blow the air throughout the room, while the exhaust is sent outside. The unit also has PDT and is part of the XLT manufacturing line like other wine cellar cooling units from the company.

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