Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti

Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti Review

WhisperKool Extreme 5000tiWine collectors that are serious about their wine collection are often drawn to the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti. Often, this attention is a result of affordable pricing, a promise of high performance and energy efficiency. Of course, a lot of products promise these things – some of which don’t deliver.

Is the Whisperkool Extreme 5000 just another product that fails to meet the mark? Since you take your wine collection seriously, this is a risk you can’t afford to take. This review was written to help you ensure that the cooling system purchase you make is the right one.

Product Overview of the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti

The Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti uses variable speed fans to provide the most advanced and powerful performance possible. It is considered so effective that it is considered Whisperkool’s most powerful self-contained unit. Despite the high amount of power, the system is still considered energy efficient when using the energy efficiency setting. This setting can provide you with money-saving benefits. Additionally, the high amount of power doesn’t create a great deal of sound. The Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti operates at just 57 decibels.

An advanced electronic cooling system adds to the overall efficiency of the unit. Provided through a series of strategically placed bottle probes, you always know just what the environment is like in your wine cellar. As a result, you can ensure that temperature and humidity level are always right where they should be so that you can adequately protect and age your wine.

The Whisperkool Extreme 5000 can provide proficient cooling for cellars up to 1000 cubic feet. This makes it perfect for wine cellars of various sizes – even cellars that are mid-sized. If, however, you have a large wine cellar, you may want to consider a different Whisperkool product.

Exhaust Options for the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti

The Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti can also do things that some other units can’t do. Many other units cannot handle high exhaust temperatures because of their temperature differential. High exhaust temperatures aren’t a problem for the Whisperkool Extreme 5000. It can exhaust into temperatures of up to 110 degrees. Because of this, a wider range of wine collectors can enjoy the benefits of the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti. One disadvantage, however, is that the Extreme 5000 cannot duct cold air into the room. For this option, check out the 8000ti.

After careful examination, it was found that the Whisperkool Extreme offered a wide variety of benefits to a wide variety of wine collectors. It lived up to its high quality statements and met the expectations of those that purchased it. There were a few areas that were lacking but they were all related to choosing the right sized unit for your wine cellar.

As a result, the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti was found to be one of the best wine cooling units with similar specifications. If you have been searching for just the right cooling system for your wine cellar, you can confidently end your search with the Whisperkool Extreme 5000ti.

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