Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti

Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti Review

WhisperKool 8000tiThe Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti is one of Whisperkool’s top products. It attracts professional wine collectors and home wine collectors alike. It boasts extreme functionality and performance. It makes claims to provide optimal cellar conditions. But does it really stand up to the hype? Can it really provide you with the exceptional performance it promises? This review will take a closer look to find out.

Advanced Electronic Wine Cooling Cooling System

An advanced electronic cooling system is one of the key features of the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti. This cooling system uses liquid bottle probes to provide efficient cooling performance. The benefit is that your wine will always be kept at just the right temperature, providing you with perfectly aged wine.

The Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti can efficiently cool up to 2000 cubic feet. Even at this large of a space, the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti is able to maintain a temperature of 55 degrees and a humidity level of 50-70%, making it perfect for even professional wine collectors with a large collection.

Outstanding Cooling Power and Efficiency

Variable speed fans have been added to the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti, making it the most powerful self-contained unit available. This power, however, doesn’t have to run up your electricity bill. The Whisperkool Extreme 8000 offers an energy saving mode. This setting can save you money on your monthly electric bill and extend the life of your unit, saving you even more money.

Power Doesn’t Mean Louder

We are often programmed to think that more power means louder. This is not the case with the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti. While it performs with a great deal of power, keeping your wine at just the right temperature, it still operates at only 57 decibels. Because of this, you can enjoy the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti in almost any area of your home, garage, restaurant or other location without being bothered by excessive noise.

Outdoor Exhaust Not a Problem for the Whisperkool Extreme 8000

One of the biggest problems with some wine cooling units is the low temperature differential. Because of this, few units are suitable for outdoor exhaust. For the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti, outdoor exhausting is not a problem. It has a temperature differential of 55 degrees and can exhaust into an area that reaches temperatures of up to 110 degrees. This is suitable for most outdoor cellars in most areas.

Easy Installation

The Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti is designed for easy installation. It uses a through-the-wall installation that sits in between existing wall studs. Because of this, few changes need to be made to existing wall structures during the installation of the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti.

Additional Options

An optional ducting plenum can be purchased in addition to the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti. This allows for a great deal of ducting flexibility. You can duct either side of the unit. You can duct cold air through a vent into the cellar. You can duct hot air out of the home. It really is designed to meet your specific needs. This feature really puts the final touches on the amazing capabilities of the Whisperkool Extreme 8000ti.

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