Whisperkool Slimline 2500

Whisperkool Slimline 2500 Review

If you are considering purchasing the Whisperkool Slimline 2500, you probably have a small wine cellar. You want efficiency and proper cooling without having to sacrifice storage space. You want a cooler that will age your wine perfectly. You want a cooler from a company that takes your wine collection as serious as you do. Can you find this with the Whisperkool Slimline? To find out, read this review.

Space-Saving Capabilities with the Whisperkool 2500

When you have a small cellar and want the most of your space, the Whisperkool Slimline 2500 is the perfect choice. Designed to fit in between the space between the door and the ceiling, you do not lose valuable space for wine storage like you would with a bigger, bulkier unit.

Through-the-wall installation in between wall studs is easy with the Whisperkool Slimline 2500. No supporting shelf is needed and the unit is barely detectable, save the whisper-quiet sound and cooler temperature of the room.

Whisperkool Slimline 2500 Key Features

When looking at the Whisperkool Slimline, there are definitely some key features that are important to every wine collector. Humidity control and an advanced electronic control system that uses strategically placed liquid bottle probes ensure that your wine is always at the right temperature and the right humidity. Because of this, your wine will age to flawless perfection. An energy saving mode will lessen the impact your wine collecting makes on your electricity bill and save you money. And, to protect your investment, you receive a two year parts and labor warranty on the unit and a five year warranty on the compressor.

Longer Cooling Life

One really important benefit that you receive with the Whisperkool 2500 is a longer cooling lifespan. Because of important features like the energy saving capability, your unit is able to keep your cellar cool with less stress on the unit. Additionally, customers who purchased the Whisperkool Slimline 2500 found that the energy efficiency and cooling capabilities were not affected by opening and closing the door to the room.

Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Performance at a Good Price

The biggest attraction to the Whisperkool Slimline 2500 was the cooling efficiency paired with affordability. While there may be a number of units that offer great price or great cooling efficiency, the Slimline offers both. You don’t have to worry about compromising quality for cost and you will know that you have a system you can trust.

Who Should Buy the Whisperkool Slimline 2500

Admittedly, all of the amazing features of the Slimline 2500 are appealing. However, not every wine collector will find it to be appropriate for their needs.

For example, if your cellar is larger than 350 cubic feet, you will not be able to use the Whisperkool Slimline 2500. This will overwork the unit, compromise temperature control and shorten the lifespan of your cooling unit. All of this could potentially impact the aging of your wine, waste your investment and cost you more money in the end.

That being said, after a careful review, it was determined that the Whisperkool Slimline 2500 was definitely worth the investment and even stood out above its competitors thanks to exceptional cooling capabilities, space saving benefits and budget-friendly price. Just be sure to only buy a WhisperKool model that is designed to cool the area you plan to use it for and you should have no problems.

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