Whisperkool Split System

Whisperkool Split System Review

WhisperKool Split SystemA Whisperkool Split System can provide many benefits to the average wine cellar owner, but the question is, is it right for you? If so, which Whisperkool Split System would work best? How do you arrive at the answers to these questions?

This review will help you. You will learn the many benefits to owning a Whisperkool System, learn the differences between the Split models and learn how to determine which Whisperkool Split System would work best for you.


Benefits of Owning a Whisperkool System

Whisperkool manufactures one of the highest quality cooling units on the market today. They do this by putting all of their units, including the Whisperkool Split System, through a wide range of tests. Tests start at the development of each product and end just before shipping each product out. As a result, you receive a product that surpasses average quality standards, ensuring that you have the very best for your wine collection.

Benefits of Owning a Whisperkool Split System

Split systems are the most efficient Whisperkool system available. All of the units in the split series offer benefits like an energy saving mode, liquid monitoring probes that ensure perfect wine conditions, ultra-quiet operation, an advanced electronic control system and even alarm capabilities. These are all the features that make Whisperkool splits one of the most sought after wine cooling units on the market.

Whisperkool Split System Options

When you decide on a Whisperkool Split, you have more than one option. There is the Mini Split as well as the Split Series. Each has a unique set of specifications. Choosing the wrong one could have adverse effects on the aging quality of your wine collection. Careful evaluation of your specific needs is the first step to choosing the right Whisperkool Split System. You must then compare your needs to the unit information listed below.

Whisperkool Mini

The Whisperkool Mini is designed for the smallest of wine cellars. It allows almost anyone to start up a wine collection, no matter how limited or awkward the space. This new member to the Whisperkool Split System family can cool up to 500 cubic feet and, to save space, the compressor part of the unit can be placed in a remote location – even outdoors if you purchase the additional housing unit. You should be aware, however, that this unit does not include a line set.

Whisperkool 4000

This Whisperkool Split System has the same great features as the Split Mini but it has a cooling capacity of twice the size. Efficient for wine cellars of up to 1000 cubic square feet, the Whisperkool Split 4000 is designed for moderately sized wine cellars.

Whisperkool 8000

The Whisperkool 8000 is the biggest unit offered in the Split System series. It can cool up to 2000 cubic square feet and it also comes with all of the same features as its smaller family members. If you have a large wine cellar, the Split 8000 is the perfect Whisperkool Split System for your needs.

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