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WhisperKool Wine Cooling UnitsWhisperKool is a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of premium wine cooling units and accessories. WhisperKool (also sometimes incorrectly call called WhisperCool, Whisper Cool or Whisper Kool) wine cellar cooling units are capable of cooling areas from 300 square feet up to 2,000 square feet.

As the majority of wine collectors all over the world already know, the conditions in which wine needs to be kept are very particular and stringent. Even a slight deviation in the temperature or humidity levels in the wine storage cellar can result in the wines developing some type of unwanted off taste or going completely bad.

In order to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity levels in a wine cellar, you must be using a premium wine cooling unit. WhisperKool can provide you with the exact specifications you’ll need in order to keep your wine at a constant desired temperature. The following are some details.

Temperature: On an average, the right temperature for storing wines is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Almost all wine cooling units can maintain this temperature. Deviation from the above mentioned temperature can result in wines either developing some off tastes or getting ruined completely. If the temperature is too high in the wine cellar then it has been seen that the wines stored in the cellar develop a stewed or raisin like taste.

Humidity: The optimum humidity levels for any wine cellar that wine cooling units need to maintain are in the range of 60 to 75 percent. Anything deviating from this range results in the wine suffering too much exposure to air. Exposure to air results in the wine reacting with oxygen. Such reactions can easily ruin the wine rendering it useless for any purpose.

Without a good quality wine cooling system it would be very difficult to maintain these temperature or humidity levels and, sooner or later, a good portion of the wine stock will get ruined.


WhisperKool Wine Cooling Units

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