Wine Guardian Wine Cooling Units

Wine Guardian Review

Wine Guardian Review

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If you are in need of a premium wine cooling unit, Wine Guardian is an excellent option. Wine Guardian places their focus solely on producing premium wine cooling units for professional wine cellars for both home and commercial use.

The incredible new Wine Guardian is the most versatile cooling system you can buy. It is made in the USA! It works perfectly anywhere that you have space. It installs adjacent to, above, or up to 25 feet away from your wine cellar.

Best of all you can install it yourself. One of the best benefits of Wine Guardian cooling units is that they are the easiest systems on the market to install. They are completely self contained and require no external piping for installation. You can choose to install your new Wine Guardian cooling unit with remote ducting, through the wall or a combination of both methods.

Wine Guardian wine cooling units are designed to work perfectly in either dry or cold climates.

The reliable forced air cooling wall mounted thermostat is ideal when outside venting is necessary. The only system that can be installed in an attic. Optional humidification and heating available Optional duct work and collars available 4 sizes from 3000 up to 15200 BTU’s. Wine cellar cooling units easily cool areas from 1,500 to 5,500 cubic feet, 1500/1/2 ton, 5300 14″ x 22″ x 39

Wine Guardian cooling units have been built to last. Each system comes with cleanable filters on both the condenser and evaporator coils in order to avoid preventable damage from dust and to keep your cooling system operating as efficiently as possible.

Wine Guardian also uses corrosion resistant cabinets that are constructed from powder coated aluminum that is both durable and attractive. This will help to ensure that your unit will look and function like new for many years to come.

Wine Guardian wine cooling units offer a fantastic variety of benefits, features and options for professional wine collector’s. There are 4 sizes of Wine Guardian cooling units that should easily cover most any wine cellar or storage need.

Here are a few tips that will help you to select the perfect wine cooling unit for your wine cellar.

Wine Guardian Water Cooled

Wine Guardian water cooled units are designed for cooling larger areas where venting warm air is not an option. With 1/2 ton, 1 ton and 2 ton systems, Wine Guardian water cooled system provide coverage of up to 5,500 cubic feet.

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Wine Guardian Through the Wall

Wine Guardian “through the wall” cooling systems have a sleek, unique design that matches the style of today’s modern wine cellar. These innovative cooling systems are perfect for small to mid-sized cellars and offer exceptional air flow and maintain optimal temperature and humidity, and is the most quiet operating system in its class.

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Wine Guardian Fully Ducted

Wine Guardian fully ducted cooling systems are powerful, self contained cooling units that are strong enough for commercial installations, but will also work great in a residential setting. These units are also so easy to install that they usually don’t even require assistance from a refrigeration technician.

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